Mucho Arigato

Photographer / Writer / Tech

The Fruit

Mucho Arigato is a photographer based in Alamitos Beach, California, USA. It's in the nautical, asphalt streets of Long Beach that Mucho Arigato absorbs his inspiration for his California Lifestyle photography and compositions. Long Beach (for those that don't have tattoos on their temples or necks) is one of the more unique beach communities in America. Anchored by generations of longshoreman, the streets pulsate with a mixture of pro skaters, surfers, Cambodian & Laotian expats, gay couples, port workers, fishermen and pro bmx-ers. You'll see those mixes in Mucho Arigato's work, no matter where it is shot. It's in the fabric of the area and creeps into his aesthetic. Nothing is Too Shreddy for Long Beach…well, maybe some things are.

Mucho Arigato also shoots internationally and speaks Japanese. 

The Roots

Mucho Arigato lived in the remote countryside of Japan for a few years at the turn of the century. Before that, home base was Austin, Texas. However his roots and birth are deeply set in the far reaches of coastal Southern Louisiana. It's from those seemingly different worlds that the name and style of Mucho Arigato originate.

The Future

Let's work together. I write and shoot photos. It's that simple. My aesthetic will add flavor, depth and character to your projects. We should talk. H@YB on the Contact page for commissions, shoots and collaborations.